Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Litany for a Psychedelic Sunset

This evening I watched a very pretty sunset from Research Park, just east of Easterwood Airport. The clouds were low and moved briskly as their color wandered from gray to orange to pink. To the west, the airplanes wandered down to Earth, whistling in the wind shear. This all, unfortunately, has nothing to do with pictured sunset (an October one in Boulder, Colorado), as the fact that my phone is also a camera completely slipped my mind.

Watching the shapes and colors this evening, some words came to mind, mostly on the simple wonder of being there that moment. It was something of a litany, for a sight that manifests in the soul as much as in the eyes.

I will open my eyes,
and see all that is.
I will open my mind,
and know all that is.
I will open my heart,
and accept all that is.
I will open my soul,
and be all that is.
I will see the melody.
I will hear the sunshine.
I will welcome the world into me,
and when she has passed,
I will know only these:
Beauty, wonder, joy, awe,
and love beyond all else.
I will reach out,
and my love will make the world shine.
I will breathe.
I will breathe.
I will breathe.
I will be.

Tonight, look west when the sun sets. You'll like what you see, I think.